Monday, 28 January 2013

Module change.

I spoke with the OCA curriculum director this morning regarding the problems I've experienced with the discrepancies in the written coursework to date. It seems that the 'Storylines' module is being totally re-written, not just updated, and I was advised that I would probably get a lot more out of the forthcoming version. 
   We discussed a variety of options and have decided that my best course of action is to access an alternative Level 2 module, returning to the new Storylines module later in the program. So the outcome is that I'll be starting 'Poetry.Form and Experience' as soon as the materials arrive. 
   It's good that wide reading will always inform a writer's practice and never goes to waste which is fortunate given the amount of short story collections I've been reading in recent weeks! Short stories remind me of poetry in the way that the writing results in an almost distilled depiction of ideas. I have a lot to learn about the genre and look forward to returning to it along the way. I'll also be allowed to use the work I've already produced towards Assignment 1 when I return to the module so I haven't wasted any time or effort. In fact I'm probably fairly well prepared for the re-written module later in the year.
   So I'll view the past few weeks as good preparation time. And I'm all excited and enthusiastic about studying poetry again. It's probably the genre in which I'm most comfortable which is surprising given the mathematical (and therefore incomprehensible to me) connotations of feet, meter and stresses. I look forward to engaging with the technicalities of form and broadening my limited knowledge of poetry and poets. So now I'm eagerly awaiting my course materials and am really keen to getting started. Although initially very frustrated I'm pleased with the way the OCA have addressed my concerns and sorted things out for me. My faith is restored.

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