Monday, 8 April 2013

Exercise 3. Write Free Verse.

Write two short poems in free verse - no more than 10 lines each.

In the first poem use rhyme occasionally but vary it with half rhymes and internal rhyme.


While he warms his feet by the glow of the fire,
his scrag-necked beasts seek shelter from the slanting snow
and whiplash wind,
behind great bales wrapped in flapping pale green plastic
that keeps the summer’s scented harvest
at bay. They starve.
Only inches away from the feast.
They wait in vain.
Their skeletal frames buried beneath
the drifts
of his indifference.

The second poem should be more experimental. Play with the fact that a line can be used to influence breathing in a poem; think about what tensions can be set up through this.


We walked together to the field,
like any other day.

My old friend, Basil Grey.

He never understood
the human way.

Use. Abuse. Betray.

We walked together to the field.

We stood beside the newly upturned clay.

They shoot horses.
Don’t they.

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